4 Simple ways to Encourage Employees to Focus on Their Mental Health

With the national suicide rate, depression and stress levels, and drug and alcohol addiction all on the rise, it is no surprise that the topic of mental health has become a top concern for workplace wellness programs. Mental health related conditions are contributing to the steep rise in health care.

Mental health issues and stress take a toll on employees and can result in negative outcomes including:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Communication challenges
  • Loss of physical ability to perform tasks

Opening the conversation about mental health in the workplace may help reduce overall health care costs for employers. Increasing awareness on mental health in the workplace can create a more inviting environment for employees who are seeking help with their mental health.

Employers can take a stand by promoting awareness and education around the importance of mental health and stress management. Workplace wellness programs can be successful in the promotion of mental well-being and stress management.

Kick start your own mental health program by incorporating these techniques into your workplace wellness program.

Promote EAP Benefits Frequently

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are an incredibly valuable benefit for employees. They provide resources that help employees cope with a variety of stressors both at work and at home. This could include drug and alcohol abuse, mental well-being, financial wellness, and family counseling. An EAP is a preventative measure that helps to educate, evaluate, and help create a game plan for a variety of scenarios that could be causing employees grief. EAPs are confidential and employees can freely discuss their concerns with their EAP representatives.

EAPs help businesses to improve morale, increase productivity, lower absenteeism, decrease employee turnover, lower employee tardiness, and more.

Check in with Your Employees Regularly

Checking in with your employees is tricky, as some individuals are not comfortable talking about their mental health with their employers. However, checking in with employees gives employers the opportunity to assess how employees are doing. It can also serve as an opportunity to promote EAP resources if necessary. Employers can encourage employees to take advantage of their benefits by frequently promoting the EAP and any additional available resources.

Help Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Disconnecting from a hectic work week can feel impossible but, disconnecting plays a big role in stress management. Overworked employees tend to carry high levels of stress which can lead to burnout. The stress of an overworked employee can cause anxiety and, in some cases, depression. Encourage employees ti take advantage of holiday and vacation time. Taking a break can be refreshing and re-energizing. Something as simple as a five-minute walk throughout the day can help employees stay productive and avoid feeling burned out.

Discuss Mental Health in the Workplace

Educate members of the leadership team on warning signs of mental health disorders, including depression and stress, and provide training on how to appropriately respond to warning signs. Openly talking about mental health can reduce the stigma.

Employees who feel more comfortable about their mental health are more likely to seek out help, which can lead to proper treatment. Those who take care of their personal health are more likely to stay productive and engaged at work. Happy employees add to a positive work culture – which benefits the company as a whole.

Where to Begin…

Engaging the help of your employee wellness program or wellness committee is a great way to start promoting mental health awareness among employees. Employee wellness programs help create a culture of health in the workplace, promoting healthier living and a positive work environment.

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