6 Tips to Stay Safe when Exercising in the Cold

We have finally entered into my favorite season of the year, Fall! Who can disagree when the trees are painted in beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. Along with the beautiful views, warm apple cider and pumpkin patches comes the slow creep of the cool winter air (although for us the creep was not very slow this year. Brrr!). Over the past few months, I have enjoyed taking my cardio outside. Warm summer days are ideal for a stroll in the park, run around the neighborhood before work or a late night bike ride. Being outside beats the treadmill for me every time. If you are anything like me, the onset of this cool fall weather may seem intimidating. Without the beautiful mid 70 degree days, how will I get my exercise in?

Don’t worry! The cooler temperatures should not turn you away from taking your exercise outside. Just like there are precautions we should take to keep ourselves safe when exercising in hot conditions, there are precautions that we can take to stay safe in cold conditions as well!

  1. Stay Hydrated – Regardless of the season, drinking water is always a top priority! Keep a bottle near you to sip on throughout the day and keep your body hydrated.
  2. Wear Layers – This will help regulate your body temperature and allow you to remove layers when your body warms up. This can prevent excess sweating which can actually make your body colder.
  3. Protect Yourself – In addition to a warm coat, be sure to grab your mittens, hat or earmuffs and some thick socks.
  4. Check the Weather – Weather can be very unpredictable. Before you head out for some outdoor activity, be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately.
  5. Wear Sturdy Shoes – Along with the cold weather often comes ice. Be sure that your shoes are sturdy and have good traction to decrease the risk of slipping and having a fall.
  6. Sunscreen – It is important to protect your skin regardless of the season. The sun can cause a burn regardless of if it is 80 degrees or 32 degrees.

Mother nature can be pretty unpredictable at times, but knowing the precautions to take when exercising in the elements can increase our chances of having a safe and successful workout all year long!

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? Share it below 🙂

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