Don’t Lose Your Waistline at the Fair

Here in Iowa, the Iowa State Fair is a BIG deal. Who can blame us though? We do have the BEST fair. The perfect mix of agriculture, food, rides and entertainment. With 445 acres of fairground, you are bound to get some good cardio in during a visit to the fair. With tons of food vendors and the hype from the newest fried food on a stick, it can be a challenge to go to the fair without eating your weight in deep fried food. I did my research before my trip to the fair this year and scoped out the healthiest places to eat. The Iowa State Fair website made my researching easy with a page dedicated to healthy options! All foods listed on the page follow USDA guidelines for healthy meals with school lunches:

  • Enrees less than 600 calories
  • Side dishes less than 300 calories
  • Less than 35 percent of calories from total fat
  • Less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat
  • Less than 35 percent of calories from sugar
  • Less than 1000 mg of sodium

My top pics:

  • Corn-on-the-cob – I mean we are from Iowa
  • Caprese salad on-a-stick – the amount of excitement I had for this was unreal
  • PB & J on-a-stick – you just can’t go wrong with a childhood classic!
  • Pork chops on-a-stick – an all time favorite of mine
  • Sandwich wraps – nothing screams easy like a sandwich all folded up and ready to go

To see the full list click here.

With all of these healthy options there is no excuse! Unless the excuse is Barksdale’s Chocolate Chip Cookies…


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